How Leadership and Mentoring Will Benefit Your Company

Owning an independent business can be one of life’s significant challenges. Imroj Singh, a trucking industry entrepreneur, shares how enhancing your leadership skills and being a good mentor can help to increase productivity and employee retention in your company.

Positive Leadership Skills



Leaders need to know how to be diplomatic but firm. They should not come across as waffling over decisions, but instead, they should present themselves as an authority figure. Not all leaders have this intrinsic quality, and it must be developed through experience over time.

Having a Team Mindset

Leaders should foster healthy competition in the workplace, but when the competition becomes toxic, it is time to shut down. Rival departments often spend so much time undermining each other that they lose sight of the joined vision of the company.

Industry Knowledge

Supporting Employees

Employee support can come in the form of recognition for a job well done. Employees whose work is recognized are more likely to stay with the company, creating a stable and productive workforce.

Happy employees should be the goal of all leaders and supervisors. There are many mistakes that leaders can make that lead overburdened, cynical, and unproductive employees. When leaders focus on nurturing their teams, they will be less likely to encounter these problems.

The cost of employee turnover is prohibitively high for many companies. On average, it costs between six and nine months’ pay for a company to replace a salaried employee. For this reason, companies should make sure that their employees are satisfied in their jobs.


Happy Employees Equal a Productive Business

When employees are happy in their jobs, they are likely to work harder because they want to please their supervisors. They also view their work as a personal project that helps to enhance their professional skills. Giving employees a sense of ownership over their work can help with this issue.

Understanding How to Enhance Leadership Skills

When employers take the time to enhance their skills, they will solidify their company’s position in their industry and help to ensure that their company will be healthy far into the future.

Originally published at on May 20, 2021.

Director of Operations, Golden Mile Enterprises, Inc.

Director of Operations, Golden Mile Enterprises, Inc.