Imroj Singh Discusses The 6 Latest Trends In The Freight Industry

Imroj Singh
4 min readFeb 11, 2021

Every industry faces an evolving future, and freight companies are no exception. Technology, as well as improved practices and philosophies, are evident in businesses involving transportation. The key to continued success is to always watch out for trends and apply those that will reasonably work well in your business.

Imroj Singh Discusses The 6 Latest Trends In The Freight Industry

Imroj Singh the Director of Operations in Golden Mile Enterprises Inc understands the importance of looking over the horizon when it comes to freight company trends. By doing this, businesses can easily adapt, allowing them to not only stay afloat but rise above the competition. In this post, we will look into the top trends for the freight industry for 2021 and beyond.

Latest Trends In The Freight Industry: Key Things To Consider

Applying Software as a Service (SaaS) in daily operations

Are you still using logbooks, datasheets, and any other manual tool? Perhaps it is time to migrate to curtailed software for freight companies. With the rise of Software as a Service (SaaS), you can shop around various content management, customer management, tracking devices, and other applications that can help improve how you run your business.

When looking for a SaaS that fits your company’s needs, Imroj Singh of Golden Mile Enterprises Inc identifies top qualities that can help you pick the best:

  • Integration: Is the software integrated to some features you need, such as GPS, client communication, or real-time data updates from other analytics programs? Look into the type of integration from your choices and see which ones are more comprehensive.
  • Pricing: How much are you willing to spend for your SaaS? If the convenience and pricing of the program outweigh the former expenses from your conventional tools, then it is worth the big jump.
  • Interface: Another factor that you should highly recommend is the type of interface your operations team needs. A mobile-friendly, robust, and intuitive program are general qualities of a good SaaS.

Increased mobility

One of the biggest trends in 2021 and beyond are increased mobility for freight companies. Some businesses now offer Mobility as a Service (MaaS), which are streamlined forwarding services with lesser checkpoints and an increased direct transport.

Other things that companies will observe in terms of mobility are:

  • Ticketless transactions: Stops for receiving tickets can be time-consuming. When information about valid transportation is received from the starting point towards the destination, the forwarding process will be easier.
  • Mobility hubs: There will be specific routes and pathways only meant for a limited type of transportation. For example, small types of cargo, documents, or perishable goods will have their own mobility hubs.

Self-driving vehicles

Imroj Singh Discusses Self-driving vehicles

As with the future of passenger driving, self-operated vehicles will also gradually permeate the freight industry. Imroj Singh believes that it will not be long before the number of automated transportation vehicles continuously increase in the present and future.

The added benefits of autonomous devices include their accuracy, less need for resting stops, and efficiency of movement. However, there’s still a long way to go before transportation companies fully master the level of operating self-driving trucks that are fully reliable.

Blockchain in transportation

Transparency is vital in many industries, including those who own freight companies. With the power of blockchain, there is increased accountability in every transaction including:

  • Buying and selling transportation vehicles: Having a record of all the people who purchased the vehicle, including details and reasons for selling are great ways to conclude if it is a good purchase.
  • Shipping details: Never get confused tracking a lost package — with blockchain technology, it is possible to keep track of where your parcel is from all angles from start to finish.
  • Shipment costs: Using tech sensors powered through blockchain can help accurately determine the volume or weight of items, avoiding losses from incorrect calculations.

Delivery reach

Over the last decade, there are still underserved areas throughout the country where freight companies cannot reach.

As with any progressions that come with technology, there will also be developments in the accessibility of transportation companies. There will be increased automation of delivery addresses, GPS accuracy, as well as other domains that help freight companies extend their service.

Delivering through drones

Technology is always finding ways not just to innovate but to automate. Drone deliveries now exist in some areas where there’s sparse infrastructure, but more of these will exist in the future.

Drones will become smarter, safer, and more high-powered than ever. They will be capable of possibly delivering larger and multiple goods over time, reducing the amount of land traffic and increasing accessibility for far-flung areas. Air traffic control with drones in the picture will be much more robust to ensure smoothness of operations.

Moving Forward To The Future

What’s the best innovation you can apply for your freight company? With these trends, you can stay on top of the best practices you can gradually apply for success.



Imroj Singh

Director of Operations, Golden Mile Enterprises, Inc.