Imroj Singh discusses top qualities of a good transport company

Imroj Singh
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Transportation is an essential industry that will never turn obsolete. People need storage and moving companies for their household items when trying to change their permanent residence. We also rely on transportation companies to bring in goods from other states or countries. A lot of industries rely on transportation and without an efficient system to transfer goods and even people, many businesses will stall or even cease to exist.

Imroj Singh, the Director of Operations at Golden Mile Enterprises Inc understands the importance of a great transportation system for many businesses. This is what Golden Mile Enterprises Inc hopes to deliver as well: Robust solutions, top-notch service, and experienced staff. In modern companies such as Amazon or Apple, the quick, accurate, and hassle-free delivery of goods is a large factor in customer satisfaction. However, the question still stands: When one is considering a transportation company, what are the things they should be looking for?

In this post, we will be discussing the top qualities of a good transportation company, as well as pointers on how to find one.

Things To Remember

Responsive customer service

Coordination is a big factor in having a top-notch transportation company. For example, if you have multiple clients and are outsourcing your logistics and transportation, it is very important to consider the ability of the company to handle all these details. Their mistake would also taint the reputation of your business.

Being in the business of transportation for many years, Imroj Singh provides the signs of a company with stellar customer service:

- Consistent responsiveness: Some companies will start off responsive but will fall short towards the tenure of their service. It is best to hire transportation teams that will be responsive from beginning to end.

- Investment in communication systems: How well is the business invested in providing multiple avenues of contact? If you are a company that needs a high level of coordination, make sure to find a transportation team that invests in communication equipment such as work phones, internet, mobile gadgets, and such.

- Error control: Mistakes can happen, and sometimes, they are just plain unavoidable. A great transportation company can help mend the errors without damaging your reputation as a business.

Your ideal fit

Another factor to consider when looking for a transportation company are your business needs. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to outsourcing services. You should know what truly fits your keyhole in order to open the door to success.

What to Consider

Top things you can consider when finding a perfect fit are:

- Types of products: Nationwide products that can be stored in boxes ideally work well with a transportation company that offers trucks or vans. There should also be modifications when goods are perishable or fragile.

- Speed of delivery: Other businesses also rely on the speed of delivery. For example, urgent documents and parcels should be delivered by plane. If bulk products are to be sent, a cargo shipment is usually considered for international orders.

- Schedule: What is the availability of the shipping company you are choosing? Is it daily, weekly, or monthly deliveries? Looking into these specific details can help you get the best choice as well.

Imroj Singh lists down these top three factors to look into when finding the right fit. Having a detailed discussion of these needs will truly help your chosen transportation company to adjust its services accordingly.

As a Director of Operations, Imroj Singh makes sure that all details per shipping client are trickled down to the right areas of management. When each team leader knows the value of a client’s specific details, the quality of the job done will remain consistent.

Value of partnership

Some transportation companies can also be lifelong business partners. This is especially true when companies rely on transportation in their daily operations. A sign of a good logistics and transportation company is how they value the partnership you have. It can mean that they are always applying the best practices when it comes to their clients. It can also mean that they are updating you with any concerns they are facing.

The foundations of a good partnership are transparency, commitment, and quality service. Once you see these three characteristics in your transportation company, you’re in good hands.

Reasonable price points

If you are looking for value that will serve you well in your return on investment (ROI), you should also look for transportation companies with reasonable price points. To know if your transportation and logistics partner provides value in this area, you can survey the following factors:

- Competitive market price: If you look at the price of your company’s competitors, how are they faring? If they give quality work and have comparative prices with other offers, then it is a sign of a good deal.

- Partner guarantees: A good company also ensures their clients’ a job well done. Thus, an offer about guarantees such as on-time delivery, free insurance, and any other feature in your favor is a great sign.

- Value for output: You can also see a reasonable price point for a transportation company when their rate for output done is hard to beat. This can include factors such as rate per hour or deliveries done.

As you weigh your options, hopefully you’ll find the characteristics above in your ideal transportation company. Asking questions, doing your due research, and understanding your needs can help you arrive at an informed decision.

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Imroj Singh

Director of Operations, Golden Mile Enterprises, Inc.