Imroj Singh Provides an Update on Current Developments in the Trucking Industry

The Pandemic Economy

During the early months of the pandemic, economic activity was restricted. The pandemic forced many people in the hospitality industry out of their jobs. It also had a serious impact on the entire service industry.

Changes in Consumer Behavior

The pandemic brought on a series of changes in consumer behavior which may be permanent. Online shopping became even more popular than it had been previously. Some of the reasons behind the online revolution were the closure of local stores, people’s reluctance to visit local stores, and the fact that many important consumer items like disinfectants and paper products were continually out of stock.

Economic Recovery

As of spring 2021, the COVID vaccine rollout has enabled many sectors of the economy to reopen. Today, long-haul truck drivers are nearly back to their original routes and cargoes. Some industries remain constricted, like the auto industry , but general industrial production is up across the country, and the need for long-haul truckers has only become greater.

Technological Advances On the Horizon

The trucking industry stands to be affected a great deal by new technologies. Some industry watchers are skeptical about the impact of these technologies, but all trucking companies should prepare for their eventual adoption.

Electric Trucks

While the trucking industry is likely to be one of the last industries where electric vehicles make an impact, trucking companies should be aware that they will need to invest in electric trucks in the future. As the United States and other countries up their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, electric vehicles will become even more important.

Self-Driving Trucks

Another innovation that may have a serious impact on the trucking industry in the future is the self-driving truck. Automated trucks will have technological features like radar, cameras, sensors, laser detection, and 3D mapping.


While most players in the trucking industry have not thought about the impact of blockchain technologies, they should make an effort to educate themselves on this emerging tool. Blockchain will be responsible for removing or reducing third-party costs regarding record-keeping, protecting connected vehicles, and increasing transparency.

Tracking Drivers

This technology is already in use today, and it has helped trucking companies keep an eye on where their drivers are and how long it is taking them to make their deliveries. Most drivers have become accustomed to navigating by GPS and having their movements tracked by their employers.


SaaS (Software as a Service) is poised to impact how trucking companies run their office operations. Replacing outdated software will help trucking companies operate more efficiently while eliminating problems down the road. Affordable software solutions are available that can help with route planning and fleet maintenance.

Trucking is Undergoing Massive Changes

The trucking industry is poised to undergo many exciting changes over the coming decade. No matter what happens to the industry, the long-haul truck driver will continue to be an important part of the American economy. Imroj Singh and other trucking entrepreneurs have laid out a new course for their companies that considers technological innovations.



Director of Operations, Golden Mile Enterprises, Inc.

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Imroj Singh

Imroj Singh

Director of Operations, Golden Mile Enterprises, Inc.