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Long-haul trucking is a uniquely rewarding career. It offers independence and the ability to explore the country. Long-haul truckers enjoy a variety of benefits and variety within the scope of their jobs. Imroj Singh, a trucking industry leader with Golden Mile Enterprises, lists the top five reasons why you might want to become a long-haul trucker.

1. Independence

Today’s long-haul truck driver is responsible for their future. Long-haul truck drivers are largely independent of their supervisors, though they must often follow prescribed routes and frequently check in with the home office. They set the hours they wish to drive, and they decide…

The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives. From social activities to the economy, there are few areas that the pandemic has not touched. Due to the pandemic’s economic changes, more people than ever before began buying the necessities of life online. This is due in part to people’s hesitancy to go out in public and expose themselves to the virus, and in part, people were unable to find the consumer products they needed in their local stores.

Imroj Singh, a trucking entrepreneur, describes the increased need for trucking companies due to the pandemic and how this…

Imroj Singh Explains How to Be a Good Leader, Mentor, and Employer

While many people try to learn to manage others on the job, it is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone. Most managers need to reflect on their actions and decide how to conduct themselves when leading their employees.

Imroj Singh, a trucking industry entrepreneur, describes the process of becoming a quality leader, focusing on some of the traits that a leader needs to be successful.

Aspects of Becoming a Better Leader

When people are involved in a team as individual contributors, they may feel confident about their abilities to the point where they believe they would be good managers. …

Becoming a long-haul trucker can be a rewarding occupation. Long-haul truckers can work independently and see the country as they travel on their routes. Many trucking companies are now looking for long-haul truckers since the industry is rebounding after the slowdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This is a great time to get involved with the industry.

Imroj Singh, a trucking industry entrepreneur, based in California, explains becoming a long-haul trucker and the licensing and professional certifications you will need before you begin work.


To become a long-haul trucker, the first step is learning how to drive a truck. If…

Transportation is an essential industry that will never turn obsolete. People need storage and moving companies for their household items when trying to change their permanent residence. We also rely on transportation companies to bring in goods from other states or countries. A lot of industries rely on transportation and without an efficient system to transfer goods and even people, many businesses will stall or even cease to exist.

Imroj Singh, the Director of Operations at Golden Mile Enterprises Inc understands the importance of a great transportation system for many businesses. This is what Golden Mile Enterprises Inc hopes to…

Managing a freight company comes with high stakes. There are many aspects of operating such a business: Maintaining your shipping vehicles, making sure that the cargo is intact, as well as understanding the details from the starting point towards the destination. With this in mind, it is important that management leaders live up to what it takes to make such operations successful.

Director of Operations Imroj Singh at Golden Mile Enterprises Inc knows how it’s like to be in a cutthroat industry of freight management. …

Every industry faces an evolving future, and freight companies are no exception. Technology, as well as improved practices and philosophies, are evident in businesses involving transportation. The key to continued success is to always watch out for trends and apply those that will reasonably work well in your business.

Imroj Singh Discusses The 6 Latest Trends In The Freight Industry

Imroj Singh the Director of Operations in Golden Mile Enterprises Inc understands the importance of looking over the horizon when it comes to freight company trends. By doing this, businesses can easily adapt, allowing them to not only stay afloat but rise above the competition. …

Imroj Singh

Director of Operations, Golden Mile Enterprises, Inc.

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